World’s lightest bike

Do you like to ride a bicycle? Then, you probably prefer lighter bike, because it is easier to drive. A German called Gunter Mai, made the world’s lightest bike. It is heavy only 2.8kg. With this bike Mai, logged over 20,000km. If you ask yourself how looks this bike, take a look on those images.

Worlds Lightest Bike 6 Worlds lightest bike

Worlds Lightest Bike 5 Worlds lightest bike

Worlds Lightest Bike 4 Worlds lightest bike

Worlds Lightest Bike 3 Worlds lightest bike

Worlds Lightest Bike 2 Worlds lightest bike

Worlds Lightest Bike 1 Worlds lightest bike

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6 Responses to “World’s lightest bike”

  1. Flek says:

    Very nice bikes. Looks like strong enough to take for long rides!

  2. lee says:

    i like this bike
    it’s very nice

  3. Kathe Hambleton says:

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  4. Ferdinand Sangi says:

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