The Absolute Record For The Fast Ride

Thirty-seven-year-old driver of black Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, engine which has 6208 cubic inches, 571 horsepower and can develop speed up to 317 kilometers per hour (electronically limited), stopped by the police after 01:21PM on Friday, with speed of 290km/h! It is an absolute speed record, in the Europe, absolute speed record with this car brand in the World!

sls1 The Absolute Record For The Fast Ride

He was arrested. His vehicle and driver’s license was confiscated too!  But later, when he was released from custody, he did get his things back, because the district court judge Marcus Julmini thought that as an appropriate security measure to sentencing and the guarantee for the payment of fines.

sls2 The Absolute Record For The Fast Ride

SLS The Absolute Record For The Fast Ride

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5 Responses to “The Absolute Record For The Fast Ride”

  1. jezozwierz says:

    talking about records, last week in Poland some guy did more than 300km/h on highway

  2. ABS Sensor says:

    This is absolutely nice! what a perfect car for me! that is really awesome ride travelling at that kind of speed!

  3. J. Pooh says:

    6208 cubic *inches* ? LOL.


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