Cooling clothes..

It is hot…. too hot. And if you have to work in a non conditioned office it is really impossible! But I have found for you two gadgets, that could help you during long office hours.

The first one is just for you if  you have to wear a tie at the office. It doesn’t mean that you have to suffer in a stuffy office. The USB Cooling Necktie has an internal cooling fan that keep you from getting too hot around the collar. Take a look:

21 Cooling clothes..

Each time the tie is plugged into any available (powered) USB port, the fan will come to life, keeping you cool despite the sweltering heat all around. Of course, if there isn’t any computer in the vicinity, you can always rely on a quartet of AAA batteries instead.

It is not enough for you? So take a look at this one:

13 Cooling clothes..

The USB Air Conditioned Shirt is a fantastic cooling invention for hot days! USB- fans blow fresh air into the shirt, powered solely by your powered USB drive. Great for any hot office or room, or even for portable action with a laptop or other device. There’s simply nothing else out there like it!

Do you want more? We will prepare for you more cooling gadgets to stay cool this summer! Just come back later and find something new.

Image000015 Cooling clothes..

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  1. Ibrahim says:

    About the cooling clothes!! would it work or be effective

    1) in humid outdoor conditions

    2) how long would the batteries last

    3) how much would it cost (ranging), if possible

  2. Adeline Nickerson says:

    Kelsey Grammer heads for the idea, one more time. You would think just after 3 or more attempts, he may understand much better, however an individual never instruct the man. We’ll find out precisely how incredibly long this particular one can last, perhaps.


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