Amazing Aerodrome In Gibraltar

Story about really unique and strange aerodrome in Gibraltar, Brittish overseas territory located on the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula at the entrance of the Mediterranean. As you can see the airport is located in the middle of the city. Really impressive look. Any way Gibraltar is home to almost 30,000 Gibraltarians and other nationalities.

This aerodrome maye looks interesting and funny, but there is a otherside of these story. This aerodrome is not so practical. The Rock itself is only a quarter of a mile to the south and “poses a unique challenge to pilots”, says the MOD. In certain weather conditions, aircraft are not allowed to land due to severe turbulence generated around the Rock. What makes the situation more acute are the buildings that have gone up near the runway, something not allowed in normal circumstances. Not only have buildings gone up, but there is a penchant to have more of the same.

Image000015 Amazing Aerodrome In Gibraltar

Image000025 Amazing Aerodrome In Gibraltar

Image000035 Amazing Aerodrome In GibraltarImage000044 Amazing Aerodrome In Gibraltar

Image000064 Amazing Aerodrome In Gibraltar

Image000074 Amazing Aerodrome In Gibraltar

Image000084 Amazing Aerodrome In Gibraltar

Image000093 Amazing Aerodrome In Gibraltar

Image000103 Amazing Aerodrome In Gibraltar

The danger of bird strikes is another consideration. Where features attractive to birds are included in a proposed development…it is essential that the hazard to aviation posed by these birds be addressed, say the rules. Buildings may be used by birds depending on the design and availability of food. Pigeons and seagulls, common in Gibraltar, are mentioned.

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    its really wonderful and i can’t believe that …!

  2. thestickman says:

    Very neat! Wonderful opportunity for great photos.

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